Monday, June 23, 2008

Purpose of CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG)

IBM CICS Transaction Gateway provides secure access to CICS from Java applications, using Internet protocols (for example TCP/IP). CICS TG has an API to allow programmers to use the features of a J2EE-compliant runtime environment.
The CICS Transaction Gateway is available in two differnt flavours. The Unix or NT version runs on amiddle tier computer. The OS/390 version runs on the same computer as CICS, however in a separatevirtual address space, or on a separate S/390 computer within a Sysplex. It is also included as a partof the CICS Transaction Server (for OS/390 and VSE), WebSphere, VisualAge for Java and otherapplication servers. It contains the CICS Universal Client and a range of technologies that provideJava and web interfaces into CICS.CICS Transaction Gateway provides a set of Java-based web server facilities for access to CICSapplications from a web browser. These include Java classes and Java beans for writing applicationspecificserver programs (servlets) and browser programs (applets). There are classes for access toboth traditional and object-oriented CICS applications. It provides an API for programming thepresentation interface for new applications (or new front-ends to old ones). No programming isrequired for unmodified ("green screen") access to 3270-interface CICS transactions with the CICSTransaction Gateway terminal servlet. All other uses of the CICS Transaction Gateway requireprogramming in Java, using the classes and beans provided.

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