Thursday, December 11, 2008

JCL / VSAM Technical Questions

Where can program checkpoints be stored for use in a restart ?
(1) CHCKPOINT DD statement
(2) SYSCHK DD statement
(3) CHKOUT DD statement
(4) CHECK or DD statemen

What is the function of DD name parameter with a 2 part structure; Audit.Report ?
(1) Override the Audit DD statement in the report
(2) Override the Report DD statement in the Audit procedure
(3) Concatenate a dataset onto a DD statement in a called module
(4) Delete the Audit DD statement in the Report

What is the purpose of the ‘DD KEYLEN’ parameter?
(1) Specify the length of a data set key in bytes
(2) Override the key length of an SMS defined VSAM dataset
(3) Override the key length specified in the dataset label
(4) All of the above

Must tape dataset definitions include VOL=SER specifications?
(1) Yes
(2) No
(3) Only for uncataloged datasets
(4) Only for cataloged datasets

In order to continue a job after a return code of 12 in step1, what the step2 EXEC statement include?
(2) COND = (12,NE)
(3) COND = (12,GE)
(4) COND = (12,EQ)

In SMS datasets, what is the function of the ‘DD MGMTCLAS’ keyword?
(1) Specify a management class for a new dataset
(2) Lookup a storage profile from the class library
(3) Begin a storage class definition block
(4) Alters the default storage profile for the dataset

How can the submitting user’s RACF authority be overridden in a job stream?
(1) Through the USER parameter
(2) Through the USER and PASSWORD parameter
(3) By notifying the console operation to override the authority
(4) Through the RACF parameter

What parameters can be used to limit the number of records written to a SYSOUT dataset ?
(3) SIZE
(4) MAX

What statement can be used to send data to another MVS JES3 node ?
(1) LINK
(3) XMIT
(4) SEND

If a (+1) generation dataset is created in the first step of a job, how can it be referenced in later steps of the same job for input?
(1) As the (0) generation
(2) As the (+1) generation
(3) As the (-1) generation
(4) Without the generation number

If a generation data set is specified as input without the generation number, what will the input to the DD ?
(1) the most recent generation created
(2) the earliest generation created
(3) a concatenation of all the cataloged generations
4. a jcl error will be returned to the job

What happens to the NOTIFY message when a user logs off the system
before the job is completed?

1)JOB ends with a jcl error.
2)NOTIFY message is created
3)Msg saved until the user logs on again.
4)No messages generated.

How do you Restart a particular step in a JCL? jcl


What is the parameter to be passed in the job card for the unlimited
time,irrespective of the job class?


What is the maximum number of GDG versions we can create?


If SYMBOLIC PARAMETER is specified on PROC AND EXEC which one is

1)PROC takes preference
2)EXEC takes preference
3)BOTH takes preference

How will you make return code to Zero in IDCAMS? jcl

1)using set command
2)using COMPUTE command
3)Using MOVE statement
4) Not possible.

How will you submit JCL via COBOL program ?

1)Using IMS
2)Use a file with sysout=(*,intrdr)
3)Not Possible
4)None of the above

If there are two jobs with class A ,prty=9 and class B with prty=10 l
and if class A has a higer prty which one will execute first?

1)Job with class A and prty=9
2)class B with prty=10
3)Both will not be executed.
4)Both will be executed simultaneously?
5)class has no effect on prty

What will happen if I specify DISP=MOD for a new file? jcl

1)It will change disp as NEW.
2)It will not create.
3)It will show error.
4)None of the above.

How to referback the VOLUME given in previous step? jcl

1)By specifying vol=ser
2)By specifying *.stepname.ddname
4)None of the above.

Which of the following is valid in a catolog procedure

4)EXEC procname

What is the version number of gdg that is created in the same step


What SUM FIELDS = None will do in sort

1)It will copy dataset without sorting.
2)It will sort the records.
3)It will eleminate the duplicates.
4)It will not copy at all.

What is the return code if u print a empty VSAM file?


Which of the following is compulsary for KSDS creation?

2)DATA component
3)INDEX component.

How to set return code of a job to zero with out making any changes in
job steps?

1)using SET command
2)using MOVE command
3)using IF and SET command
4)not possible

How many ways do you know to pass external data into program?


In variable record length LRECL value is largest record in the file plus four byte. Here this four bytes contains

A. The information saying that it is variable
B. the actual length of each variable length record in the file
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

I have 5 steps in a jcl . I have to execute step 3 , bypass step 4 and execute step 5 . How to achieve this

1.using cond statement
2.using restart=stepname
3.using iebedit utility
4.both 1 & 3

What are the changes to be made in jcl so as to do testing

1.DD statement with the data used to test the execution of the program.
2.Instream data is used to test the data
3.Dummy statement is used to test the execution of the program\
4. Can not be tested

Can I copy a fixed block record length file to a VB and vice versa

1.Only from fixed block record length to VB
2.Only from VB to fixed block length file is possible
3.Both 1 & 2
4. Both not possible

Can you submit multiple jobs in a jcl simultaneously

1.No,Only one
2.Not more than 2
4. Insufficient information

What are the causes for soc01, soc04, soc05 soc07 and socb abends

1.Data Exception, Operation Exception, Addressing Exception, Protection Exception, Divisible by Zero
2.Operation Exception, Data Exception, Addressing Exception, Protection Exception, Divisible by Zero
3.Operation Exception, protection Exception, Addressing Exception, Data
Exception, Divisible by Zero
4. All the above

.What will happen if you attempt to restart a job in the middle of a // IF and // ENDIF

1.It will execute.
2.It will not execute the step in the middle of a // IF and // because of condition codes.
3.the condition code of the previous step will be applied in cond parameter and goes for execution

What is the difference between the data definition name and data set name in the DD statement of jcl

1. DDname is used in farward reference while referring the datasets where dataset name is used to name the dataset to DD.
2. DDname is used to name the dataset and dataset name is used for searching the dataset
3. DDname is used to refer the dataset and dsname is for creating the dataset
4. All the above

How do you skip a particular step in a proc or a job

1.using cond parameter in step
2.using restart parameter
3.using cond parameter in job statement
4. Both B and C

If an application program accesses a base cluster in alternate key sequence, then DD statements are needed for which data sets? (f)
a) Base cluster
b) Alternate index
c) Path
d) a and b
e) a and c
f) a, b and c

Which of the following backs up data in CI mode? (b)
a) REPRO only
b) EXPORT only
c) Both REPRO and EXPORT
d) Neither REPRO nor EXPORT

What is SOC4 error stands for
A. Storage Violation error B. READING file that is not opened
C. Invalid address reference D. In all the above case
Key D

. How can unused space allocation be returned to the system when a dataset is closed ?
Key B

What is S322 abend?
A. Space not found in PDS
B. Operator cancelled the job
C. Time out Abend
D. Secondary request is not coded
Key C

8. JES2 allocates the data set
A. For all the steps before the job is scheduled
B. allocates of data set required by a step are done only just before the step executes
C. Both the case A & B are possible
D. None of the above
Key B

11. Given an input file with duplicates how to remove the duplicate records from the file using jcl

C. using ALLDUPS
D. Not possible

Key B

) Can an individual step be restricted from using all the job’s allowed CPU time ?
(1) Yes
(2) No
(3) Only in Catalogued Procedure
(4) Through the STEPTIME parameter

How can the disposition of sysout datasets be set for an entire jobstream ?
(1) SYSOUT parameter
(2) OUTPUT parameter
(3) DEFAULT parameter
(4) DEST keyword

19) What is the maximum length of a single line of JCL ?
(1) 71 bytes
(2) 60 bytes
(3) 55 bytes
(4 ) 80 bytes

21) Many JCL statements contain specific values designed to direct & control the execution of the statement. What are these fields called ?
(1) Linkage Variables
(2) Parameters
(3) Control Libraries
(4) Includes

26. How can return codes be tested before execution of a job step?
(1) Through the RC keyword
(2) Through the CODE keyword
(3) Through the COND keyword
(4) Through the RETURNCD keyword

27. How can values be passed from the job stream to an executable program?
(1) Through the PARM keyword
(2) Through the VALUE parameter
(3) Through the PGM parameter
(4) All of the above
35. How can a stopped job be started again? - JCL
(1) Through the RETURN parameter
(2) Through the STARTUP parameter
(3) Through the RESTART parameter
(4) Through the CHECKPNT keyword

35. What is the prefix character for symbolic parameter ?
(1) % (2) & (3) @ (4) {}

36. If both the JOBCAT & STEPCAT statements are coded in a step, which will be executed?
3. the one coded first in the JCL stream
(4) both the statements will be executed in sequence

How many instream procedures can be called within a single job? jcl


An instream procedure SAMPLE is coded in a jcl. A cataloged proc
SAMPLE is also available system library. When SAMPLE is invoked which
is invoked?

1)Instream Procedure.
2)Catalog Proc
3)Both will be ignored.

If both JOBLIB and STEPLIB are coded in a job which one be executed?


When no MSGLEVEL parameter is coded then jcl

1)only i/p statements are printed.
2)Only i/p and proc statements
3)Only JOB statements is shown in the o/p.
4) Job, Input and output Allocation msg shown

Maximum number of DD statements in a job

1)3270 * step
2)255 *step
3)3273 * no of steps

which parameter is to be given on the JOB statement to check the
syntax of a JCL?

4)Both A & B

Two JOBS with name JOBNAME are submitted , then jcl

1)Both JOBS are cancelled by the operator.
2)Both JOBS wait in queue.
3)First runs while the 2nd waits in queue.
4)1st JOB is run and Second is cancelled.

Which one of the following is a positional parameter in EXEC statemen jcl


Is random access possible in esds?

3) Using RRN

4) Using Index key

What is Abend code S806 U0000?

1)Data exception.
2)Memory violation.
3)Load module not found.
4)duplicate dataset

If you code time in both job statement and exec which will overwrite
the other

1)Time specified in the job statment
2)Time specified in exec statement
3)it will give a jcl error
4)It will ignore both.

How many tracks for 15 cylinders

1)450 tracks
2)15 tracks
3)150 tracks
4)225 tracks

Which of the following is not a positional parameter ?

1)Accounting information.
2)Abnormal termination in DISP.
3)Record format in DCB.
4)Programmers name

If you code both symbolic and overriding parameters which will be

1)Symbolic parameters.
2)Overriding parameters.
3)will give error.
4)None will be executed.

For which of the following sysprint is not neccessary


What is the return code of IEBCOMPR when both the datasets are not


For a New dataset which parameter is compulsary?


Which of the following is not in REPRO command?


What is the purpose of BLDINDEX?

1)To create a path
2)To create a alternate index.
3)To create a logical relation.
4)To load an Index.

How many RDF fields are there if the record format is variable?

4)Depends on records

How many times the seconday spaces is allocated for cylinders?


When you are dealing with variable length data set ie if RECFM=V then what will be the value of LRECL parameter?
A. Similar to RECFM=F option
B. LRECL option is not a mandatory
C. LRECL value is largest record in the file plus 4 bytes.
D. LRECL value smaller record plus 4 bytes

1. Can we use empty VSAM as input

4. None of the above

Can we delete a data set using iefbr14 , iebgener

1.yes,both can delete the dataset
2.No,cannot delete dataset in iebgener
3.No,it is not possible on both the utilities
4. None of the above

Can I concatenate a ps file , pds member and a gdg . if so how.

1.No,only ps can be concatenated
2.No,GDG cannot be concatenated
3.yes,using iebgener utility
4. None of the above

What is the default value the region parameter will take.

4. 2K/2M

Name the system libraries from which modules are retrieved at execution.

4. None of the above

how many types of libraries are there in jcl

1. Five
2. Two
3. Three
4. None

What are SD37 , SB37 and SE37 abends

1. Space abends
2. Job exceeds maximum wait time
3. Region problem
4. None of the above

How to pass the temp. data set from one step to another

1.using disp=shr parameter
2.using disp=old parameter
3.using disp=(new, pass) parameter
4. Not possible

Can you execute a proc from another proc [ nested procs. ]

1.No,nested procedures is not possible
2.Yes,can go for nested procedures
3.only procedure can be called by another procedure if the procedure is cataloged
4. both B and C

How is the keyword DUMMY interpreted by jcl

1. .Is coded on the DD statement to test the execution the program without reading or writing to a data set.
2.It is coded to omit the DD statements
3.It is coded to pass data to the program
4. both B and C

How is normal data set passed from one step to another

1. Using backward reference or using disp=shr
2. No,data set cannot be passed from one step to another
3. Only temporary data sets can be passed from one step to another
4. None of the above

How do you access a file that had a disposition keep

1.Indicates that the data set is to be retained or keep in DASD Volumes upon successful execution of the job
2.used to share the datasets over different steps
3.used to catalog the dataset
4. None of the above

VSAM processing options could be specified in (e)
a) Catalog
b) Program control blocks
c) JCL
d) None
e) All the above

Which of the following is/are not supported by COBOL? (d)
a) Skip-sequential processing
b) RBA addressing
c) Replacing existing record
d) a and b
e) a, b and c
f) a and c

An alternate index itself is which cluster type? (d)
a) LDS
e) None

Which of the following requires a DELETE/DEFINE before the command can be used to restore an
existing data set? (a)
a) REPRO only
b) IMPORT only
c) Both REPRO and IMPORT
d) Neither REPRO nor IMPORT


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